Where can I learn about free prescriptions? Generously donated by Barbara Camwell Ness

The web site where you can cross reference a prescription medication with the pharmaceutical company manufacturing it, and get the Patient Assistance 800 number, is:

here it is
1999-2000 Directory of Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs
Free Drug Contacts
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Free medications
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McNeil Pharmaceutical, Program Name: Patient Assistance Program, 800-682-6532 or 800-281-5192
Merck Human Health Division, Program Name: Patient Assistance Program, 800-850-3430, 800-672-6372
Miles Inc, Program Name: Pharmaceutical Division, Phone: 800-998-9180
Nabi, Phone: 800-789-2099
NORD, Inc, Phone: 203-746-8958
Ortho Biotech, Program Name: Financial Assistance Program, Phone: 800-553-3851
Ortho Pharmaceutical, Inc., Program Name: Patient Assistance Program, Phone: 800-281-5192
Par Oharmaceutical, Inc., Program Name: Patient Assistance Program, Phone: 800-828-9393, ext 774
Parke-Davis, Program Name: Patient Assistance Program, Phone: 800-755-0120 or 908-725-1247
Pasteur Merieux Connaught, Program Name: Indigent Patient Program, Phone: 800-822-2463
Pfizer, Inc, Program Name: Pfizer Prescription Assistance, Phone: 800-646-4455
800-646-4455 for Diflucan and Zitromax
800-868-9979 for certain single source Pfizer products
Arkanasas call The Arkansas Health Care Access Foundation at 800-950-8233 or 501-221-3033
in Kentucky call Kentucky Health Care Access program at 800-633-8100 or 502-244-4214
in South Carolina call Commun-I-Care at 800-763-0059 or 803-779-4875
Pharmacia & Upjohn, Program Name: Prescription Medication Assistance Program,
call 800 242-7014 for self-adminstered products and 800-366-5570 for non self-administered products.
Proctor & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Program Name: Patient Assistance Program, 800-448-4878
Purdue Pharma, 203-853-0123, ext 4800
Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, Inc, Program Name: Indigent Access Program, 610-454-8298
Roche Laboratories, Inc., Program Name: Roche Medical Needs Program, 800-443-6676 or 800-285-4484
Roxane Laboratories, Inc., Program Name: Patient Assistance Program, 800-274-8651
Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Program Name: Patient Assistance Program, 800-447-6673 or 800-999-6673
Sanofi, Program Name: Needy Patient Program, 800-446-6267
Schering Labs/Key Pharmaceuticals, Program Name: Commitment to Care, 800-656-9485
Schering Oncology, 800-521-7157
Searle, Program Name: Patients in Need, 800-542-2526
Seques Pharmaceuticals, Inc, 800-375-1658
Serono Laboratories, Inc, Program Name: Helping Hand Program, 617-982-9000
SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, Inc, Program Name: Access to Care Program
for oncology products call 800-699-3806, or 800-546-0420
Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Program Name: Patient Assistance Program, 800-778-9277
Syntex Laboratories, Inc, 800-822-8255
Tap Pharmaceuticals, Program Name: Indigent Patient Pharmaceutical Program, 800-453-8438
Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, Inc, 703-706-5933
Zeneca, 800-767-4424 or 800-424-3727

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Is there anything to help my body odor? (Underarm odor)

Try the 'Crystal' deodorant at the GNC (Health-food store)

Notes from Dr. Speroff (author of Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility) during a conference:

The treatment of choice for galactorrhea is cabergoline. Bromocriptine and cabergoline if given vaginally decrease side effects. Sometimes creeping up on the dosage will also avoid side-effects. Women over 60 should have an annual TSH. Patients on thyroid Rx need yearly TSHs. Measure FSH at age 50 in patients on OCs at the end of the pill free week, if over 20 switch from OCs to HRT. Also if E2 is less than 30 switch. Mammograms should be ordered annually starting at age 40. The relative hyperinsulinemia of menopause is responsible for weight gain at that time of life. Any of the SSRIs are effective in relieving vasomotor symptoms of the menopause especially in patients who can't take E. Patients on tamoxifen should have an annual endometrial stripe and not wait for bleeding as possible CA may be advanced by that time. Twice yearly IV injections of bisphosphonates will probably replace current regimens. Soy has little effect on bone density, ipriflavone (a synthetic) has. The reason obese patients gain back weight after weight loss is they can't respond to leptin. There is a question about MPA negating some of the positive effects of E in HRT. Suggests other progestational agents than MPA in high risk patients. FemHrt, a light version of LoEstrin will probably replace Prepro as the HRT of choice. Expects MPA to be out of favor in a year or two. Patients who have idiopathic venous thrombosis should be screened by a hematologist for thrombogenic conditions. If + they may need an anticoagulant and HRT. HRT probably decreases the risk of Parkinson's. Patients on tamoxifen have decreased tooth loss because of better bone. Hispanic patients who have gestational diabetes and are breast feeding should not have the progestin only pill as it seems to accelerate the development of DM.

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