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Fashion Avenue
Article on Fashion Retailers
THE magazine
Timeless beauty
Shapely intimates
Bigger Babewatch babes on the way
FaT GiRL's mail-order catalog reviews from Victoria

Women in the arts:
Women in the arts
Big dance

Eating disorders:
Eating Disorders

Well Rounded: Eight Steps For Changing Your Life...Without Changing Your Size By: Lippincott, Catherine
Grand Style Women's Book Club
Camryn Manhein's stuff
Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pikola Estes

Other (from other sources):
Infertility FAQ for women of size
Fertility Support for BBW
Declaration of Health Rights
National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance Home Page
Tips on Obtaining Good Health Care
Guidelines for Heath Workers
Etiology of Obesity
Disneyland can fit most riders, they have seatbelt extenders!! Rocket Rods, Indiana Jones Ride and the Star Wars thingie had extra long seatbelts in the far left-hand seats

Large Patients and Lack of Health Care - its true!:
Large Patients and Lack of Health Care
and the additional article
Obese women avoid cancer screening

My thighs rub together: any suggestions:
Biker shorts, baby powder, Victoria's Secret thigh highs, corn starch, diaper rash ointment

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