Depression can be caused by:

Imbalance of hormones
Bad self image from being 'fat' and 'hairy'
Too much insulin for those with PCOS

Tips to help you relieve stress

Joy's information on depression
Other information on depression
Buy new clothes, shoes, or something in your favorite interests groups
Go to sports games and yell at the umpire and opposing teams
Join a club in something you like to do.
Do something you have been putting off for a long time.
This is naughty, but DONUTS. :)
Find someone or something (yourself, SO or whoever, pet) and tell them you love them.
Focus on clarifying your goals in life
Be positive: life is complex, but its filled with opportunities
Be flexible when you respond to uncertainty
Be organized and structured in your approach to chaos
Be proactive and engage change
Drop negative self talk
Get plenty of sleep
Drop caffeine and smoking
Carry yourself like you believe in your self and demand respect
Change your hairstyle, nails, or makeup or clothing (brighter colors)
Take exercise classes or Tae Bo or Judo or Karate classes for self confidence
Eat right for you, not someone's else's diet that doesn't
Women's Moods: What Every Woman Should Know About Hormones, the Brain and Emotional Health" by Deborah Sichel, M.D., & Jeanne Watson Driscoll, M.S., R.N., C.S.
Meeting the Madwoman: An Inner Challenge for Feminine Spirit by Linda Schierse Leonard

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