eBMJ -- How to read a paper
Medical Library Association: Deciphering Medspeak
Listing of PCO trials, sent by Barbara Camwell Ness
Health Care 20 Tips to Help Prevent Medical Errors Patient Fact Sheet

Pain during sex? See here

pain during intercourse

Pictures and views of the pelvic region

Organ System Pathology

An Online Biology Book

The Table of Contents
Reproductive Section
Endocrinology Section

Anatomy places

Anatomy 2
Anatomy 4
Anatomy 5
Anatomy 6
Anatomy 7
Human Anatomy Online - InnerBody.com
Anatomy on the Internet

How to prepare for doctor visits

Your Own Health

Informative nurse and doctor web sites

D. Ashley Hill's Women's Health Site
Nurse Net
Nurse Web
Nurse Practioner Education

IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Doctors get abused also

Medical Student and Resident Abuse
Physician as humanist: still an educational challenge [CMAJ - October 6, 1998]
Clinical teachers as humanistic caregivers and educators: perceptions of senior clerks and second-year residents [CMAJ - October 6, 1998]

Blood stains in underwear - how do I get rid of them?

Soak them in cool water overnight, with a little salt added in.



Need acne help?

Try tea tree oil

Ovarian cancer? Where can I learn more?

Ovarian cancer: not that common

Clinical trials listing

ClinicalTrials.gov: Linking Patients to Medical Research

General stuff

South African Health Links

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