Pages that may help you to win battles with HMO's
The HMO Page
HARP Home Page

Insurance portability
Health Insurance and Portability act

General HMO stuff
Citizens for the Right to Know
Consumers Union Decries Putting Industry Special Interests Ahead of "the Little Guy"
The Growing Burden of Health Care Costs: Executive Summary
Consumers Union: Health Care Issues: Health Care Plans and Managed Care
The Senate-Passed Bill's External Appeals Process Is Woefully Inadequate and Far from Independent
Give America the Same Consumer Protections as Congress - What your health, life, and disability insurers know about you
HRG Homepage
Dr. Sam and the Managed Care Blues Band
Soft money in politics
Plan gives HMO patients choices
1996_07 | Which executive earns most at an HMO? (Hint: It's not the chief medical officer)
Obstetrics and Gynecology 93(6):922-927 June 1999 "Delay in gynecological surgical treatments: a comparison of patients in managed care and free-for-service plans

Ways to deal with HMO's
1) In writing, with a signed return receipt and a date to respond by:
a) ask to have a copy of the contract they have with the doctor
b) ask if they offer or deny financial incentives to deny tests, treatments, specialist visits, hospital visits.
c) ask if they maintain doctor prescribing and visit patterns
d) ask if they have access to your medical records and what do they do with them
e) ask if they can terminate you for 'failed relationships' with doctors
f) ask to gain a copy of ALL records (in writing and verbal) of your dealings w/them
g) ask about credentials of people making the medical decisions to pay for treatment
h) ask if the people in g) have seen them or are violating law by making medical decisions w/out seeing patient
i) ask for a copy of the "Evidence of Coverage"

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