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Research is neither right nor wrong, its simply facts. I post studies and expect others to make their own value judgements on them.

This site was written by me, a lay person with no medical school training, using medical research and women's health experiences.

This site is for information, support and educational purposes only, its not medical advice.

I mark or cite sources as best I can.

Some drugs aren't FDA approved for a particular problem: (AKA 'off label' prescribing).

Some links go to, which requires FREE membership to view the articles.

I have no relationships (friendship only) in regards to any sites presented.

I strongly encourage everyone to seek the advice of a medical provider.

This website isn't a substitute for a personal/professional relationship with a medical provider.

You agree not to hold myself or linked parties responsible for health care decisions.

I respect the Virginia and USA legal requirements for medical information privacy.

I am not funded or supported in any way by any person, organization or linked site for this site.

I don't sell health products.

I fund this site (with my own time for research and coding) and it is hosted for free.

I cannot guarentee diagnosis or treatment in any way.

This website doesn't assume any responsibility or liability for any information you submit.

No responsibility is assumed by me for your or third parties' information use/misuse connected with this site.

Your private information is not tracked by me or by my created site. Tripod may, but I don't.


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