I have found that ReligiousTolerance.org's web site on abortion to be the most balanced one yet.

As for abortion itself, I find that there is a lot of misunderstandings with the drug RU-486 or mifepristone. Here are some things you might want to think about in regards to mifepristone:
  • Mifepristone does not cause an abortion by itself. It must be used with another drug (usually methotrexate)
  • Mifepristone has other uses, especially for endometriosis and fibroids. From studies so far, these drugs appear more effective than anything out there so far, and without all the side effects of current drugs.

And here are some general pro choice websites:
The Abortion Law Homepage
D&X procedure (a.k.a.Partial Birth Abortion) - All sides
Medical Students for Choice
Choosing Abortion - Questions and Answers Page 1
Voters For Choice
CARAL-Related Links
Clinicians for Choice
Partial-birth Abortion Laws
ACCESS - Women's Health Rights Coalition
Biblical America Resistance Front - Home Page
Walmart blocking women's rights
Medical Abortion Overview and Management
Explanations Differ for Association Between Abortion and Depression
Abortion Pills Still Scarce in U.S.
Mifepristone At One Year: A Forward Look Back
Internet Information On RU-486 Often Biased And Inaccurate
Knowledge Of Emergency Contraception Does Not Alter Teen Sexual Behavior
Emergency contraception not offered in many assault cases

"Middle of the road" sites courtesy of :
Elliot Institute
Population Research Institute
Abortion facts.com
Roe Vs. Wade
Abortion TV

Pro-life sites courtesy of : (please send her an email for other references not listed here)
National Right to Life Comittee
Republican National Coalition for Life
Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians
Women Affirming Life
Feminists for Life
Democrats For Life
Libertarians for Life
Susan B. Anthony List
National Coalition for Life and Peace
American Collegians for Life
Pastors for Life
Jews for Life
L.E.A.R.N. Inc. (African-American pro-life ministry)
Life Athletes
The Couple to Couple League
Fathers and Children Together as One
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
Catholic Medical Association
The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity
Christian Medical & Dental Society
Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer
Pharmacists for Life
Physicians Ad Hoc Coalition for Truth (PHACT)
Professionals for Excellence in Health Care
South African Doctors for Life
The UK Guild of Catholic Doctors
National Memorial for the Unborn
Life Research Institute
Do No Harm
Human Life Alliance of Minnesota Inc.
Association for Interdisciplinary Research in Values and Social Change
The Center for Bio-ethical Reform
Abortion and Breast Cancer
Abortion and Breast Cancer

Last updated: April 26, 2005